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Fusion Group UA

Fusion Group UA

Fusion Group UA Shevchenko St. #34 Office 2 Dnepropetrovsk Ukraine 49000
UA Mob +38-095-010-4585 Skype vince.scopa e: vscopa@fusiongroup.com.ua
Fusion Group was founded by a team of International General Construction, Environmental  Remediation Specialists and Oil and Gas Support Service Specialists with over 30 years of  experience in their relative fields. 


Fusion Group evolved from an Engineering and Construction background in the International  arena into an environmental and support service role in the shale gas industry in Ukraine.   The Principal partners of Fusion Group from American and British backgrounds took the  practical and operational experience gained on this international stage and applied it to the  complexities of reclamation of water from the fraccing industry in gas/oil exploration,  clearance of polluted sites and facilities and cleansing of hazardous materials in a safe and  efficient manner.   In addition, Fusion Group also applied their considerable international experience in general  construction to form a reliable and reputable local Ukrainian Contractor network through  stringent prequalification procedures, to provide support services to the civil construction  requirements for the embryo shale gas exploration in Ukraine and industrial environmental  remediation.  Furthermore, using in house Ukrainian legal representation, Fusion Group is able to offer  International Clients considerable legal expertise, familiar with the complexities of Ukrainian  law related to permitting under local, oblast and national building authorities and act as the  guide through the labyrinth of regulations necessary to achieve the permits required to carry  out business operations in the construction and support services field in Ukraine.     Fusion Group provides a comprehensive range of services for the cleanup of sites and  facilities contaminated by hazardous materials